This is a podcast for the aspiring and professional musician of this and the next generation! In this podcast I offer, and sometimes together with well-known and less known professionals, a fresh, open and realistic view of the Rock n Roll lifestyle and the life of professional musicians.
How do you stay creative and inspired? How do you deal with variable income, create income sources and still build up a pension? How do you promote yourself and, above all, how do you stay healthy and close to yourself?
There are as many ways to live on music as there are musicians. Through this podcast we can inspire each other and learn from and with each other how to live successful and healthy as a musician!

Drumschool Stefan van de Brug

Popradar Den Haag

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2552AW, Den Haag


Tel: 06-24199795

email: info@drumschoolstefanvandebrug.nl​

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