What do you need?

When you start playing drums you probably have a number of questions.


What do you need as a minimum in the drum lesson? What do you need to practice at home? And more importantly perhaps, which items do we recommend? Because a simple google search for stuff will quickly leave you dizzy by all the options.


Below we list our favorites!

Zildjian 7a / Jazz

Don't be fooled by the name Jazz stick. This stick is perfect for the younger pupil or student who likes to play a bit softer, because this stick is slightly thinner than average.

(Sticks are also in stock at the Drum School)

€ 12.50
Zildjian 5a

The most commonly used stick out there is the 5a stick. This stick is suitable for any style and for all adult drummers!

€ 9.90
Zildjian Gauge 10

The Zildjian Gauge 10 has the thickness of a 5a stick, but a slightly different tip, making it sound a little brighter and nicer on cymbals. These are the sticks that Stefan almost always uses!

(Sticks are also in stock at the Drum School)

€ 12.50
Vic Firth SIH 2

The absolute winner in the field of hearing protection and also good sounding headphones! We all use it and almost all the professional and drummers with us, and to be honest, for this money it's not surprising. This is really the absolute winner!

€ 60, -
T.Bone HD 990D

Enough attenuating headphones with good sound to play a song. The quality is considerably less than the Vic Firith, but it is also a lot cheaper. We still always recommend the Vic Firth first for both sound and damping!

€ 27, -
Shure SE215

You always see them on TV, the see-through earplugs that artists put in and take off. These Shures are very good entry-level in-ear monitors. Mute good enough for heavy drummers and they also give a nice sound!

€ 95, -
RealFeel 12 inch

A great entry-level practice path. Good rebound and a nice size. The disadvantage is that it is not round and can quickly slide over a surface during practice.

29, -
Meinl Benny Greb

Most students know this practice pad from the drum school, because there are two! Designed by drummer Benny Greb, large size, does not slide and works great!

€ 38, -
DW Go Anywhere

Practice pads for the real fanatic. This is at my home and I work out my lessons and exercises on it without the neighbors being bothered! The different pads give the impression of playing on a real drum kit, without the noise.

€ 189, -

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