My passion is teaching and coaching, and this is certainly not limited to drumming!

I want to help you make more money, live healthier and live music successfully.

How do you deal with crazy working hours? How do you build a daily routine in work that does not include a routine? How do you get more income, students or are you better seen? How to build a pension, or you even start saving? Shouldn't that administration be easier?

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Are these coincidentally questions you have? It is difficult that you actually do not have time to see your friend, because you have other work times and sometimes you are just tired at times when others are not. A holiday would also be a nice one, right? But if you do not work, no income will come in and that fantastic custom built snare is also very cool to have, it is beautiful on Instagram and I might use it again for that one underpaid gig ...

Some things you cannot solve alone, and together we cannot solve everything. But I'm sure we can work out a solution together for most of the things you run into, and I won't stop until we find them together !


I want to help you find a rhythm in your day, live healthier, earn more, prepare for the future and become more successful as a musician. Of course I can't do it for you, but I can share my mistakes and lessons learned with you and think with you about how we can move this to your situation. For example, we can talk about:

  • How do you deal with your strange working hours?

  • How do you ensure a better private / work balance?

  • A little rock n roll is okay but where is the balance?

  • How do you get more students or where is there room to earn more money, and how do you approach this?

  • How do you ensure that you have recognizable branding?

  • What could be better on your website and online presence?

  • Is there room to generate passive income?

  • Do you already have a budget and overview of your income and expenditure?

  • Do you build up a pension, do you need an AOV and how have you set up your administration?

  • Do you already have physical or mental complaints that you encounter and how do you keep this healthy until you retire?

  • And of course everything else you need!

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