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Are you looking for a place to learn to play the drums? It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you have come to the right place! Thanks to our unique, personal, modern and professional approach, everyone is at home with us. Drum school Stefan van de Brug is the place to learn to play drums in The Hague!

You already have weekly private lessons from € 65 per month.


As a child it soon became clear that I wanted to become a musician. When I was 8 the time had come, I found my great love, the drum kit and this passion never left. I started teaching when I was 15 years old and started my own drum school in The Hague in 2010. In addition to playing drums and teaching, I have a passion for entrepreneurship and health.

The TINYRHYTHMBOX is a drum method that I developed for my students, and is now sold worldwide. By combining cards, patterns are created with which an infinite number of rhythms, fills, melodies and exercises can be made. Years of fun guaranteed for the beginning, advanced and professional musician.

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The Fine-Tuning Podcast is a podcast for the aspiring and professional musician of this and the next generation! In this podcast I offer, and sometimes together with well-known and lesser-known professionals, a fresh, open and realistic look at the Rock n Roll lifestyle and the life of professional musicians.

music lessons of this time

Musicdott makes music lessons modern. I developed Musicdott together with Oscar. Musicdott gives the music teacher a central overview of all lessons, songs, books, news items and students.


All students log in to their own Musicdott environment. There you have access to your own linked songs, lessons and books. Here you can also see the latest news from the teacher.



I always walked around the house with everything that could make sound and got my first drum lesson when I was 8 and I never stopped! When I was 15, I already knew that I wanted to do nothing but give music lessons. I gave private lessons, workshop weekends and individual lessons in my practice shed with my parents, a little later also guitar group lessons at primary schools and drum lessons at other schools in The Hague.


I soon found out that I actually liked teaching even more than the drumming itself, and I have now had my own drum school for 10 years. Teaching has always been my greatest passion.


Currently I give more than 50 private lessons a week, I have been represented for years in the Percussion newspaper Poll Awards in the row for best drum teacher and / or drum school in the Benelux and in 2015 I was voted number 1 Drum teacher in the Benelux!


I have a great passion not only for teaching, but also for learning! I've always had lessons from some of the best drummers in the Netherlands. But also beyond the borders I always look for inspiration, I flew to Ireland in 2017 to study with Mark Guiliana (ao David Bowie), Mike Johnston (one of the world's best teachers) and Ash Soan (ao Adele, Seal, Robbie Williams) and in 2018 to Germany for a weekend for drum teachers with Benny Greb.


I never forget what it is like to learn new things and by continuing to challenge myself, I know very well how students feel in class! And I am working on my studies as a child coach to be able to guide my students even better


In addition to teaching drum lessons, I released my own drum method, TINYRHYTHMBOX in 2018 and, together with Oscar Knijff, launched an online platform, Musicdott.com, to support music lessons and music schools online. My passion for learning, health and inspiration is also reflected in my own Podcast for musicians, The Finetuning Podcast and my blog on this site.


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